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53 Broadway Tenants Organize Rent Strike Over Building Issues

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Williamsburg "luxury" rental building 53 Broadway appeared to have put its myriad troubles (Stop Work Orders, a foreclosure, new developer, condo-to-rental-switch etc.) behind it when leasing started last July. Within five months, the 72-unit building was 100 percent leased up, and all appeared to be well. But not so fast. Today, roughly half of the building's tenants begin a rent strike, Brownstoner reports, citing issues ranging from unreasonably high electric bills to unspecified problems with the parking lot to the lack of a promised doorman. The super has apparently agreed to help some of the tenants break their leases, but the building's management company, Metro Management, has reportedly been "elusive" and unhelpful. The tenants notified Metro of their plan to strike on June 23, and have yet to receive a response.

Also, not that it's all that relevant at this point, but that is one ugly building.
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