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East 7th Street Condos Reveal Pricing, Start at $1.45 Million

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This new condo building at 227 East 7th Street, which has the rare distinction of being new construction in the East Village that EV Grieve and his readers do not hate, now has pricing. Building permits show that there will be one apartment per each of the development's six floors, and according to an email that went out to the list of people (of which EVG was one) that signed up on the teaser site to receive more information, the ground-floor apartment, the only one with access to the backyard, will be the most expensive of the bunch at $2 million. The top floor unit with access to the private roof deck will be asking $1.9 million, while the other four units start at $1.45 million. All are two-bedrooms.

The credit for the building's notably inoffensive faux-industrial-conversion-y design goes to developer Natan "Don't Call Me Distressed" Vinbaytel, and architect of record Panagiotis Vikatos. It was chosen from a group of much worse options.
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Photo by Dave on 7th, via EVG