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Silverstein Is Bringing This 1,100-Foot Tower to the West Side

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There was some confusion over whether or not Silverstein Properties big West Side development would have one tower or two, but the Environmental Impact Statement, spotted by New York YIMBY, confirms: it will be one supertall 1,100-foot tower. Preliminary renderings and drawings in the statement show that a very square, glass-clad tower will rise from a tiered 140-foot podium that stretches from 40th to 41st Street and from 11th Avenue to the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. The tower will rise on the eastern side of the site.

The diagrams show that the tower will have approximately 106 stories, and the bulk of it will hold a whopping 1,400 apartments, 280 of which will be affordable. The project, which holds the address of 520 West 41st Street, will also have 175,000 square feet of offices, and the podium will offer 300,000 square feet of retail.

If the plans are approved as is—and they might not be since the community wants it to be smaller—it would be one of the largest new developments in the city. YIMBY notes that it would have more apartments than every other supertall tower combined.
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520 West 41st Street

520 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036