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Big Reveal: $475,000 for a Two-Bed Crown Heights Co-op

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"Adequate room sizes, lots of windows including bath and kitchen. Courtyard and laundry," wrote CountessLuAnn about yesterday's PriceSpotter, a renovated corner two-bedroom co-op. "Sort of personalized and without lots of character. Spenders are still willing to wait and pay more for new construction. That said, I'll say $480,000." Not only was hers the first comment, it was by far the closest guess to the actual asking price of $475,000, as everyone else who guessed went way over. And not only that, but CountessLuAnn later doubled down, writing, "I might be nuts, but I'm gonna stick with my guess. I can't believe you guys think they are looking for $700 - $800 a square foot. It's a co-op in an old building with just the basics for amenities. There's no wow factor." Congratulations to the Countess on one of the most definitive PriceSpotter victories in recent memory.

· Listing: 345 Montgomery Street #5K [TOWN]
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