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The Woodsiest Loft in All of New York City Wants $1.8 Million

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UPDATE: After listing on Tuesday, the owners decided to remove the apartment from the market yesterday. If forest-dwelling fairy tale characters were to move to New York City and start a company, this Soho loft would be their HQ. Filled with scores of decorative accoutrement made of wood—from barn doors to a partitioned area with walls of haphazardly-arranged reclaimed planks to bare branches that poke up behind the bathtub—Hansel and Gretel would be right at home. For $1.8 million, the right buyer could have taken over the 1,813 square feet on the 4th floor of 49 Howard Street, which the brokerbabble says is currently used as a live/work space. Funny thing about the interior design set-up here: the owners just bought the apartment in January for $1.6 million, but put it back on the market five months later. The proliferation of timber features, though, is nowhere to be found prior to the owners' January purchase. Does that mean the space underwent a renovation from typical to timber-tastic in just five months?

A previous version of this post identified this video as being shot in the loft, but it turns out that it's in fact a different space with much of the same furniture.
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