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Rezoned Dutch Kills Is Getting a Modernist Donskoy

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There hasn't been much big news out of Dutch Kills since a 2008 rezoning was supposed to transform the Long Island City neighborhood, but here's something: developer Arun Agarwal is building a six-story, 20-unit condo building designed by none other than Robert Scarano disciple/big Michael Bay fan Nataliya Donskoy at 32-04 38th Avenue. The design, it should be said, is (debatably) one of Donskoy's better efforts — NY YIMBY loves it, calling it a "handsome Bauhaus-inspired mid-rise with red accents [whose] early modernist influences are undeniable" — although those better efforts actually seem to be getting more and more common in recent months. Is it crazy that we already kind of miss the Transformers?

With only 13,823 square feet of residential space, the new building's units will not be particularly large, averaging 664 square feet per unit. There will also be 2,500 square feet of commercial space. Demolition permits for the structure that currently stands at the site were filed in March.
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