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Unveiled Essex Crossing Park is Basically For People-Watching

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New details have arisen for an Essex Crossing park that will stretch 15,000-square-feet from Clinton to Suffolk streets along Broome Street. Designers West 8 unveiled their plan for the space last night before a Community Board 3 subcommittee to positive reception. The park will be only 35-percent planted, with the rest of the space arranged into tons of seating alcoves and "passive" community space. The planted portion will feature native species of "trees, shrubs and bedding plants, arranged in a way to create individual 'coves' that can be used for multiple purposes," reports TLD. The park will also have a play area for the youngins and a large, fixed community table. Like the pedestrian plazas in Herald Square, the park will also have movable chairs and tables, and a kiosk that provides visitors with information about the neighborhood. The park, which will kick-off construction in March 2015 and is expected in 2017, will be cared for by community members.

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