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Who Wants To Turn 20 West Village Units Into One Giant House?

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Someone is plotting to combine 20 apartments across five floors of a West Village walk-up into one ginormous mega-home. A tipster pointed the way to a Department of Buildings permit for 54 Barrow Street, filed on July 7, which calls for, well, to "CONVERT EXISTING MULTIPLE DWELLING INTO A SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE." The pretty red-brick structure, located between Bedford and Bleecker, was built in 1910, and still has a number of tenants paying rent in the $3,000-$4,000/month range. The architect listed is Jose Ramirez, who appears to have quite a number of lovely-looking townhouses under his belt. According to the permit application, the square footage—9,578—would stay the same, and the project is estimated to cost $480,000.

As for the owner, ay, there's the rub. It's listed as 54 Barrow Street Associates, an entity that bought the building in 2012 for $8.2 million, with the contact name Patrick Crosetto. Crosetto happens to be the COO of Kushner Companies, Jared Kushner's real estate group that has been accused of trying to take over the East Village, among other misdeeds and travails in the New York City property market. The address listed for 54 Barrow Street Associates, 504 East 12th Street, is a rental building that's part of a parcel of properties that Kushner picked up in 2013. Intriguing! So is Kushner attempting a combo-and-flip for some huge profit? Or could this be Crosetto's personal home? Send any intel to the tipline, please.
· Permit Filing: 54 Barrow Street [DOB]
—Photo via Property Shark