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A Treehouse Made of Recycled Stuff Grows in Carroll Gardens

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Eco-friendly designer and contractor Gennaro Brooks-Church has big ideas for a large deciduous tree in the backyard of his Carroll Gardens brownstone on Second Street: the handy guy is planning on building a two-story treehouse, out of recycled materials no less. Brooks-Church acquired the goods for construction, including wood, glass, and a discarded fire ladder to link the floors, through dumpster diving. So, somewhat slapdash appearance? Check. Surrounding eccentricities and whimsicalities? Check and check; Brooks-Church told DNAinfo that the first floor of the treehouse will house a chicken coop with walls made out of "bags of earth" where plants will grow "like a garden turned on its side." It will also have a rope bridge that leads to a Crow's nest.

The treehouse will not be the only unusual addition to Brooks-Church's backyard. It will join a 6,000-bee apiary and a teeny-tiny grove of raspberries, blueberries, grapes and paw paw trees. Brooks-Church suspects the treehouse will take him about a month and a half to build alone. The treetop tower won't be the only one in the five boroughs: it joins a backyard treehouse in the Greenwich Village, and a Columbia professor's treehouse in Riverdale, to name a few.
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