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16 'Junky' Items De Blasio Left for Neighbors in Gracie Move

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The de Blasios are finally making the move from Park Slope to Gracie Mansion, and with any relocation, that results in leaving a whole bunch of crap by the side of the road that they don't want to take with them to the Upper East Side. (It also means they are looking for a tenant.) The New York Post, obviously, is on it, documenting neighbors' scrutiny of all of the rundown miscellany that New York's First Family is just hanging on their fence, ripe for poaching. Of course, despite complaining about it, people are taking it, because at least half of New Yorkers' apartments are furnished with stuff scavenged from the street. Right? Right. Here now, an abbreviated list of what the de Blasios have proffered up to the local sanitation workers Judgy McJudgersons.

1) A faded reddish dress
2) Baking tins
3) A white silk dress, stained
4) Plastic blue bin, sans lid
5) Old books, including "The History of Spanx"
6) SAT review materials

7) Baby clothes
8) A pogo stick
9) Cracked dishes
10) "Raggedy" stuffed animals in a plastic bag
11) Flag of Barbados
12) A yellow-and-red plastic tricycle
13) Wine glasses
14) A broken weight belt
15) Religious candles
16) "A 12×8 "Reefer Madness" poster, from the 1936 film that exaggerates the effects of smoking marijuana"

As for item 16, Daily Intel remarks, "[W]e regret that the de Blasios aren't hanging it in their new home."

Keep an eye on that fence, Park Slopers, because the transition to Gracie won't be complete till September. And hold off on the judgement calls, mmkay? They're just trying to move, and moving sucks for everyone, even mayors and their families.
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