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Millionaire's Club Tiger 21 Sues Halstead Broker

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Tiger 21, a notoriously secretive millionaire's club/Illuminati sect, is suing Halstead broker Dorothy Somekh, claiming that she infiltrated the club in order to market an expensive Upper East Side property.

According to The Daily News, Somekh targeted Tiger 21, a "powerful social networking group comprised of the world's most wealthy entrepreneurs" with members required to have a "minimum of $10 million in investible assets". Her "pure greed" reportedly led her to correspond with an employee of the club. She then allegedly pressured them to provide a list of members in an effort to sell a townhouse at 51 East 73rd Street, a $48 million home once owned by Grace Kelly and Harry Belafonte. She then allegedly spammed members with advertisements for the listing, the sale of which would have netted her a $2.7 million commission.

Entrepreneur Michael Sonnenfeldt founded Tiger 21 in the late 1990s as "a safe environment in which to talk about money and investing with equally affluent folks," and also maybe global domination.

The 12,000 square foot, century-old townhouse at 51 East 73rd was recently taken off the market by Somekh. Halstead was not available to The Daily News for comment on the suit.
· "World's biggest, top-secret millionaire's club Tiger 21 sues broker over leaked member list" [NYDN via TRD]