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Check Out These Renderings for the New Kosciuszko Bridge

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The New York State Department of Transportation recently awarded a $555 million contract to construct the first phase of the new and improved (yet still unpronounceable) Kosciuszko Bridge, and here now are some potential renderings for the massive project. HNTB Engineering is serving as the lead design firm, with several New York City contractors on the construction team.

The Kosciuszko Bridge (which spans Newtown Creek, connecting Brooklyn and Queens) is unsafe and structurally unsound, despite regular repairs. Many surrounding neighbors have claimed that they feel powerful vibrations as large trucks pass, and DOT rep Robert Adams has admitted that the bridge as it currently stands has "a lifetime of maybe three more years." Nevertheless, the bridge will continue to be used until its planned demolition in 2017.

Residents are encouraged to call 347-988-4412 or email for further information.
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