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50 West's Sales Office Showcases Panoramic Apartment Views

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With sales on at Helmut Jahn and Thomas Juul-Hansen's 50 West Street, it seems only natural that we want a peak inside the 734-foot-tall stunner's sales office. Design agency DBOX is responsible for what potential buyers see in the crucial space. The sales office seems to focus on an interactive display of apartments and their views that's controlled by a touch-screen computer. As per Buzz Buzz Home, the curved projection wall showcases 180-degree images, originally taken by drones, of different elevations from the building. Not only do the images appear on the walls when buyers select different units, but the units also light up in a 3D display of the tower to show exactly where they are in the building. Visitors can also peer through dioramas of particular units to get a feel for the view through the space.

Buzz Buzz Home also unveils that all of the building's three-bedroom units have double-height ceilings. Residences in the building range from none- to five-bedrooms, with the largest one-bedroom measuring 1,258 square feet (and asking $3.125 million.)
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Helmut Jahn

50 West Street, New York, NY

50 West Street

50 West Street, New York, NY 10280