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'Versailles in Manhattan' Still Waiting for Buyer, Wants $27.5M

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The owner of this East 64th Street mansion, commercial broker Kenneth D. Laub, is one stubborn guy. Either that, or he's just a guy who really hates to lose face — he told the Observer in 2009 that when listings get their prices cut, "It shows that certain people are desperate to sell. They need the money, that's what it shows." Perhaps, in retrospect, not the wisest words from a man who was listing his profoundly overdecorated mansion for $35 million.

In the current iteration of the listing, the house, described modestly as "Versailles in Manhattan," is asking $27.5 million, but getting to this point has been like pulling teeth, assuming that the pulling of teeth is a six year process. Laub finally cut the price for the first time after having the mansion on the market for three years. It eventually got down to $24.95 million before being delisting and relisted for $27.5 million last year. Then it was delisted again in December and now here we are, back again for the same exact price. Good luck with that, Sun King.

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