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Garbage Station Opponents Now Want to Turn It Into Park

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Upper East Side activists' efforts to stop the controversial Marine Transfer Station have not been going so well — within the last week, a federal judge tossed out two 2012 lawsuits that had been filed against the under-construction waste-transfer station. So now the Upper East Siders, who, for years, have been complaining that the project is going to cost way too much money have completely changed course and are arguing that if it's going to be built, the city should also spend who knows how much money to put a park on top of it. Helpfully, they have commissioned some renderings that display what such a park could look like. So helpful. The city thanks them for all their helpful suggestions, we're sure. "It can be transformed into ... something that doesn't look like a garbage dump," said the president of the board at the neighboring Asphalt Green. Better (cheaper) idea: how about they just cover the whole thing with a giant tarp and then everybody puts their fingers in their ears and sings loudly?