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The Horrifying Outdoor Spaces of Craigslist Apartments

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In this Week of Outdoors we celebrate all outdoor spaces, but particularly the ones that come with apartments, because they are not a given. Anyone who lives in a place with private outdoor space in New York City should count him or herself lucky, because not all of us have somewhere we can go to grill meats or just stand around privately breathing the hot garbage air. All outdoor space is good outdoor space. And with that in mind, we bring you the ten worst outdoor spaces we could find on Craigslist. For whatever reason, they are basically all in Bed-Stuy.

There are a lot of houses with backyards in Bed-Stuy, and a lot of them are being torn up and converted into rentals. So that partly explains outdoor spaces that look like this one. But it doesn't answer the question of whether or not they're planning on doing anything with ... that.

This seems like a fun yard to hang out in if you are, say, a big mean junkyard dog, or a small pool of murky liquid. Then it's definitely your scene. The listing describes it as a "HUGE Private Yard," although it might be a little more private if the fence went all the way around.

The other side of the coin is what happens when one of these yards actually gets finished. If you're looking for a dirt patch with weirdly partitioned off sections that sort of looks like a labyrinth, here it is. Don't wake the minotaur.

The listing for this one describes it, not inaccurately, as possessing "tons of greenery."

And speaking of greenery, this balcony is covered in astroturf to give it that real outdoorsy feel. A balcony of any size is nothing to be scorned, but this one looks especially scary with its blank brick wall and whatever is going on with that partition.

The listing for this place (which, come to think of it, looks pretty similar to one of the previous places — oh, Craigslist) describes at as "super specious," which might be more accurate than intended. (Specious, adjective: misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive.) Anyway, the backyard is a dirt pit with a pile of garbage.

Here's a nice aerial shot of another dirt pit.

This one is fun because it looks like there's a chance they could finish paving or the planting the rest of the yard, but it also looks equally possible that they just flipped their wheelbarrow and called it a day.

This yard is probably the nicest of the bunch in that it's fully paved and pretty large, but there's something ominous about the way those chairs are arranged with the empty planters against the blank wall.
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