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Curbed's Outdoors Week Starts Right This Very Second

Hear ye, hear ye: right this second marks the commencement of Curbed's second-ever Outdoors Week, a five-day tribute to the outdoor spaces and places of New York City. From camping in Inwood to canoeing in Marine Park, we'll get back to nature with urban outdoor adventures. From the most luscious private gardens to buildings with the best rooftop decks, beautiful residential green spaces will showcased, and their value will be charted. Park architecture will be rewarded, the city's best dog run will be determined, and we'll explore the history of Central Park's iconic Bethesda Fountain. Throughout the week, look for maps, guides, and stunning photo galleries; being outside, after all, is a beautiful thing. So grab an ice-cold drink and settle in on the terrace—this will be fun.
· Outdoors Week 2014 [Curbed]