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Some of East Harlem's Cheapest Three-Bedrooms Listed

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Address: 506 East 119th Street
Developer: Harlem Estate LLC
Architect: Jacob Kanner
Size: four stories, four units
Prices: $600,000 - $850,000
Sales and Marketing: Douglas Elliman

To balance out today's earlier news of the insanely overpriced East Village rentals, we bring you these surprisingly cheap three-bedroom condos in East Harlem. The brokers describe them as [sic] "the lowest price three bedrooms from 86th Street to 125th Street and lowest cost monthlies in the entire city for a condo," which isn't entirely accurate, but still, they're very cheap, as three-bedrooms go. Two of the building's four full-floor units are currently listed, the 1,700-square-foot first floor, asking $850,000, and the 1,200-square-foot fourth floor, asking $600,000 (both just $500 per square foot). The apartments themselves look unremarkable, as they should. The entire building is also being offered for $3 million.

· Listings: 506 East 119th Street [Elliman]