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Shockingly Expensive East Village Rentals Hit the Market

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As expected, three units in refurbished luxury rental building 200 East 11th Street have come on the market. Developers Benchmark Real Estate paid a staggering $57 million for the building in December of 2013, and are looking to recoup that money as quickly as possible, as the prices are very high — $3,900 for a studio, $5,800 for a one-bedroom, and $9,350 for a two-bedroom. To justify those prices, the building offers a slew of amenities ranging from a 24-hour doorman to a gym to a yoga/meditation studio to a private massage room, and in-unit features like walnut flooring and "self closing drawers and cabinetry." That's worth an extra $1,000 a month right there, to not have to close your own cabinetry. At least there's no broker's fee (and they didn't go with their horrifying initial design).

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