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Old Pier 17 Is Totally Gone, New Pier 17 Will Rise This Fall

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Everything we once knew about Pier 17 is gone forever. The Howard Hughes Corporation told Community Board 1's Seaport/Civic Center Committee last night that they have completely removed the old pier, and construction of the new pier will commence this October. This means that test pile driving is already underway, to the annoyance of some residents. One member of the committee said, "[I] couldn't even hear my own TV." Of course, if you're completely re-building a pier, you'll have to drive pilings. Howard Hughes reps Phillip St. Pierre and Chris Curry delivered the presentation, noting that the new pier will be the same size as the old one, but fewer new pilings will be constructed than old ones will be removed. Exact numbers were not available last night, but more information was promised by October. The new Pier 17 is on schedule to open in 2016.

As Curbed reported last month, the renovation of the Fulton Market Building was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. That means the project can actually move forward, and the developer said that it will open in the fall of 2015 with some tenants moving in next summer.

Curry and St. Pierre also said that roadwork is now completed from Water Street to South Street, and that this summer's food truck season will be the same as last summer, but activity has been shifted from Front Street to Fulton Street. Even with work ongoing at Pier 17, the company has still hosted an array of events at the Seaport, including a successful July 4 celebration and ongoing movie nights.
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