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Sandy Weill Actually Sold His Maid's Apartment for $5.33M

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April's news that former Citigroup CEO and chairman Sandy Weill had sold his maid's apartment in 15 Central Park West for $3 million caused a bit of a stir, but now it turns out that Weill didn't sell the apartment for $3 million — he sold it for $5.33 million, according to the Daily News. The "around $3 million" figure was reported by the Post (and re-reported by us). To be fair, $5.33 million is "around" $3 million, much in the same way that Earth is "around" Mars. The identity of the buyer remains a mystery, but Weill, who paid just under $1 million for the unit in 2007, is walking away with an enormous profit, a feeling that he is not unaccustomed to.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023