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Very Williamsburg Rentals On North 10th Street Start at $2,385

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Another day, another pricey Williamsburg residential development. Brownstoner spotted the newly unleashed seven-story, 20-apartment building at 171 North 10th Street, where apartments start at $2,385. That price is, of course, for one of its studios. The building's 1BR's start a bit higher at $3,300, 2BR's at $4,265, and its 3BR's at $6,691. Available apartments do have the nicety of more than one bathroom in multi-bedroom units. The building also has quite a few terraced apartments. The very Williamsburg-appropriate project was designed by Shawn Stiles of S&S Architecture & Design and developed by Great Point Properties, who acquired the site in 2012 for an off-market, all-cash deal of $3.4 million from former site developer Bedford Parkview Partners.

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