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The Best Dog Parks In NYC: Carl Schurz Dog Runs in Yorkville

As part of Outdoors Week 2014, we're searching for New York City's best dog park. Nominate your dog park or run by writing us a short description of what makes it great and telling us why your dog loves it; send photos to and your adorable pup may be featured on the site. We'll be sharing two parks (and lots of photos!) per day, and voting begins Friday.

Nestled in Yorkville, a very dog-filled and pet-friendly neighborhood, the Carl Schurz dog runs have been called (by colleagues) "the nicest in Manhattan." The concrete small dog run is lined with benches, and has a drinking area with bowls and hoses. Humans can enjoy a lovely view of the East River. The large dog run has gravel, several benches, poop bags, and little rock hills for the dogs to climb. If there's a downside, it's that the park is too popular, and during prime times, it gets filled up pretty quickly. Even non-pet owners love this park. One dog-less person told us, "I will sometimes hang out by the small dog run and look at those ridiculous little Ewok-looking dogs that are this neighborhood's official pets. So I can attest that it's pretty nice, and surrounded by weirdos like me."

Do you have photos of your dog at Carl Schurz that you want to share? Send them to, and we'll gladly add them to the gallery.

—With research and writing by Angely Mercado
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