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Reimagining Branch Libraries; DoBro Rezoning's 10th Birthday

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—July 15 marked the tenth anniversary of Downtown Brooklyn's radical rezoning that brought housing, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, and an enlivened cultural scene to the area. Some stats on what's happened over the last five years: DoBro has gotten some 5,000 new residences, 420 units of affordable housing with 863 more in-construction, and five full-service hotels. Not too shabby. [Downtown Brooklyn Partnership]

THE CITY—The Architectural League of New York and Center for an Urban Future have announced the five teams chosen to participate in the Re-envisioning Branch Libraries design study. The study will identify the challenges that branch libraries face and propose design solutions to mitigate them. Through their work, the teams will have to address how to promote access to digital resources while continuing to circulate print media, accommodate the breadth of library programming, and enhance libraries' role as civic hubs in their communities. More information on the project and the five selected teams can be found on the Architectural League's website. [official]