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The Best Dog Parks In NYC: Washington Square Park Dog Run

As part of Outdoors Week 2014, we're searching for New York City's best dog park. Nominate your dog park or run by writing us a short description of what makes it great and telling us why your dog loves it; send photos to and your adorable pup may be featured on the site. We'll be sharing two parks (and lots of photos!) per day, and voting begins Friday.

After a six-year, $30 million renovation, Washington Square Park looks better than ever, including its dog runs. The nonprofit group that maintains the runs—there are two, one for small dogs, one for large dogs—sent a gajillion photos of pups playing in the park (adding that the volume of photos is "a bit out of control but we love our dogs") and touted its amazingness. Both runs have plenty of benches along the peripheries near trees, giving owners plenty of shade. There are two entrances to each run, and they're both conveniently located by the restrooms and by one of the park's entrances. The runs also have a water area with a set of low fountains for the dogs.

—With research and writing by Angely Mercado
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