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Neighbors Sue to Prevent Housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Mayor de Blasio's plan to construct affordable housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park immediately faced vocal opposition from neighbors after it was announced, and now those neighbors have put their lawyers where their mouths are and filed a lawsuit to block the development.

Some of the neighbors seem to object to the affordable housing aspect of the plan, as it goes against the park's original concept of being independently funded by on-site residential development. Others object to any housing at all, and may be missing the point somewhat. "If we build it here in this precious green spot we are going to regret it," said one plaintiff, referring to a green spot that only exists in the first place thanks to apartments being built on it. The two sides are to appear in state Supreme Court today, with the anti-housing side citing the park's popularity, the already dense population in the surrounding area, and the original agreement that stated that all housing built in the park would be used to pay for its upkeep. The new de Blasio plan calls for 30 percent of the units in the two towers to be designated affordable.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201