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Demolition of 5 Pointz Will Begin in Just Two Weeks

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5 Pointz enthusiasts, take note: the Long Island City Post is reporting that the former graffiti mecca will meet the wrecking ball in just two weeks, and be but a memory by October. Construction of the two residential buildings Queens' most-hated developer Jerry Wolkoff plans to bring to the site will begin immediately following demolition. It's been eight months since Wolkoff whitewashed the building. The LIC Post writes artists viewed the incident with the same gravity as a historic loss. It took nine months for Wolkoff to secure demolition permits for the sight, which will give rise to one 47-story and one 41-story tower with 1,000 apartments, 210 of which will be affordable. The building will also have 20 artists studios, although they won't provide quite the same service of building-as-canvas.
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