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The Best Dog Parks in NYC: Vote Now for Your Favorite!

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As part of Outdoors Week 2014, we're searching for New York City's best dog park. There are six contenders. Voting starts NOW, stays open all weekend, and closes at 9 a.m. on Monday. Look for the winner—erm, the top dog—shortly after.

It's finally time for this town's passionate pooch owners to square off in the ultimate battle: to defend the honor and valor, hills and valleys, water fountains and views, of their favorite spots to romp around with Fido. Curbed profiled six worthy candidates, and any of them could nab the prize: Hunters Point South's Dog Run along the East River waterfront; the newly renovated Washington Square Park Dog Run; Jemmy's Run in Madison Square Park; Carl Schurz Dog Runs on the Upper East Side; the East Village's Tompkins Square Park Dog Run; and Hillside Park in Brooklyn Heights. Check out the photos, ogle the adorable pups and their playtime wonderlands, and then vote by Monday. The eventual winner gets pride, and only pride, but isn't that enough?

Poll results

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