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Rent in Ernest Hemingway's Old Building for $27,500/Month

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Ernest Hemingway accomplished a great deal in his life, practically none of it post-1959, the year he rented a 900-square-foot one-bedroom in 1 East 62nd Street. By that time, the famous author was already in the throes of a mental breakdown that would end with his suicide (at his house in Idaho) in 1961. That doesn't stop brokers, of course, from embellishing his time in the Upper East Side building in an effort to sell or rent other apartments there. In 2012, a Sotheby's broker decided to go ahead and claim, while listing a two-bedroom, that "Hemingway, during his many years in the mansion, wrote The Snows of Kilamanjaro [sic]," despite the fact that that particular story was published in 1936, over two decades before he moved in. The listing that appeared a few days ago for a $27,500/month duplex is somewhat less bold, stating simply that the building "has included Ernest Hemingway as one of its residents," although, as 6sqft points out, they could have at least gotten away with saying that he did some work on his posthumously published memoir A Moveable Feast there.

Anyway, this crazy expensive rental is probably way nicer than the one Ernest Hemingway lived in.

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1 East 62nd Street

1 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065