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Historic Bed-Stuy Mansion Poised For Startling $6M Ask

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An 1887 Bed-Stuy mansion designed by brownstone architect of yore Montrose Morris is poised to enter the market for a stunning $6 million in September—that's exactly double what the current most expensive single-family property in the neighborhood is asking. Perched on an 81- by 100-square-foot lot, the 40-foot-wide by 47-foot-deep home that's modeled after the Vanderbilt house on Fifth Avenue was purchased by current owner, retired advertising executive Claudia Moran in the 1980's, reports Brownstoner. At the time of her purchase, the Romanesque and Queen Anne mansion was operating as an illegal SRO. Moran put a down payment of $7,500 on the house, closed 18 months later, and had a stunner to brag about even in the midsts of her thorough renovation.

The home was built by Morris across the street from his own house for water meter magnate and Irish immigrant John C. Kelley. Nowadays it's known as both the John C. Kelley House and the Moran Victorian Mansion. Since its construction, Brownstoner says the house has served as a one-time hangout of President Cleveland, a set in the Sharon Stone movie God's Behaving Badly, and as a site for fashion shoots, weddings, and other events.

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