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Rizzoli Bookstore Won't Even Be Able to Save Ceilings

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Despite the best efforts of preservationists and the community, the Rizzoli Bookstore on 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues was shut down in April and pretty much completely gutted last month, at the hands of Midtown land barons LeFrak and Vornado Realty. But through all of that the beloved bookstore's supporters have held on to a sliver of hope, until now, that is. The Save Rizzoli Committee posted the following on its blog yesterday:

It deeply saddens us to report that a last minute effort to save portions of the iconic Rizzoli ceiling have failed. At some point next week, the ceiling will be destroyed. Working downward from the third floor, Vornado's contractors will jackhammer into the ceiling from above, reducing what was once a sublime neo-classical confection to dust and rubble. The post goes on to detail the efforts to save the ceiling, which were apparently well received by everyone at Vornado except for CEO Steven Roth. "Lacking a rational basis for his refusal," the group writes, "Mr. Roth's actions can only be construed as an attempt to punish those who sought to save the building." Roth and co. plan to eventually demolish the entire building and an adjacent building to make way for a condo tower, if you can believe that (you can).

Our sister blog Racked has photos of the ceiling in its original condition.
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