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Bushwick Development Will Have Attendant to Park Cars

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Yesterday, we all enjoyed the very Bushwick story of a performance artist soliciting people to live in a cage in his living room. But today there is some decidedly un-Bushwick news from the neighborhood of trip houses and party boats: a company called Upper Class Development LLC (so far, so good) has plans to construct a seven-story, 42-unit mixed-use building at 810 Flushing Avenue that will feature commercial space, a day care, and a subterranean 34-car, 21-bike garage with valet parking. (Okay, "valet" might be a bit of a stretch, but there will be an attendant on call 24/7 to park the cars.) This is already starting to sound like Bushwick's classiest development since CastleBraid. The building is being designed by architect Charles Mallea and the developers currently have a zoning application pending.
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