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Fortis Inks Deal For LICH With SUNY Amidst Favoritism Claims

The State University of New York has announced that they've inked a contract with Fortis for the sale of Long Island College Hospital. Does this mean it's the end of the LICH saga? Probably not: the Brooklyn Eagle says community leaders have called for an investigation into whether SUNY favored the well-established Fortis over the two higher-ranked, but minority developers whose deals for the hospital fell through. Now, the State Attorney General may launch an investigation into the claim, prior to his necessary approval of Fortis's plan.

If Fortis, unlike Brooklyn Heath Partners and Peebles before them, get to execute their vision of the site, partners NYU-Langone and Luther Family Services will bring a freestanding emergency department with urgent care including four observation beds and basic life support, and a cancer treatment center spread over 80,000- to 90,000-square-feet to the former full-service hospital. The rest of the massive site will be developed into housing.
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