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50 West Street Reveals Pricing, Condos Start at $1.615M

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When developer Time Equities launched the full marketing website for its highly anticipated condo tower 50 West Street, the only detail missing was how much the condos would cost. But no longer! Eleven listings for the Helmut Jahn-designed building appeared on StreetEasy last night. The least expensive unit is a 1BR/1.5BA listed for $1.615 million, while the priciest is a 59th floor three-bedroom penthouse that's asking $18.63 million. It appears, though, that the listings may have been dropped prematurely, because overnight, the images (previously released renderings) disappeared, and links to the full listings on Time Equities' site are now dead.

The screenshot above shows the pricing for the 11 units that were (are?) listed on StreetEasy. The official development website does not have any listings, but the floorplan section now notes the starting price points for each unit size: One-bedrooms start from $1.615M, two-bedrooms from $2.49M, three-bedrooms from $4.24M, and four-bedrooms from $6.815M.

It was previously reported that the prices would average $1,400 to $2,000 per square foot, but for the live listings that note the square footage, all but one cost well above the PSF average. The penthouse costs $5,099 per square foot.

The development recently opened its sales gallery, so clearly sales are moving forward, but we've reached out to the marketing team for more intel on the listings. In the meantime, all of the renderings and floorplans are available here.
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50 West Street

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