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28-Unit Rental Will Replace Factory On Wyckoff Avenue

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What once was a two-story factory building is on its way to becoming a new 5-story apartment building on the corner of Madison Street and Wyckoff Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens. According to permits filed with the Department of Buildings, the completed building at 779 Wyckoff will hold 28 rentals and will include an enclosed parking space. It's currently owned by 1612 Madison QX and will be designed by Gerald J Caliendo Architects PC, the same firm behind 60-15 Myrtle Avenue, also in Ridgewood. It's among a growing number of small sites scattered throughout the area that, due to a recent rezoning, are making the switch from manufacturing to residential use.

The new building plan was first approved in late 2012, and the latest permits, and the latest permits, for installation of a sprinkler system, was issues this April. Above, the Google streetview camera captured the building when it was half-complete in October 2013.

It's conveniently located near the Myrtle Ave-Wyckoff Ave stop of the M and L and near a bus depot on Palmetto and Myrtle Avenue. The new building is also near several supermarkets and and walking distance from one of Ridgewood's main streets. If the price is right, rentals in this building might be filled pretty quickly. We'll be keeping our eye on this project.
—Angely Mercado