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Beautiful Mapped Data Reveals Trends Across New York City

The exceptional breadth of datasets and the advent of digital maps go hand-in-hand like, well, site-specific data and maps; people love to see information visualized. That's what the crew behind MIT Media Lab's You Are Here project is banking on. You Are Here was conceived by Sep Kamvar who, according to Marketplace Tech, realized that the cities we inhabit differ in subtle ways often due to deliberate decisions, and its these decisions that give shape and a certain character to the city. The visualizations take traditional maps to the next level: they don't just tell onlookers how to get around, but reveal where things are happening or trending across the city. The project maps things like independent coffee shops, noise complaints, transit efficiency, and graffiti. You Are Here continues to pump out a whole lot of awesomeness, and is worth keeping an eye on.
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