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Nightmarish Doll-Filled Upper West Side Apartment Asks $1.3M

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This three-bedroom condo on West 98th Street is on the market for $1.295 million, which isn't quite as good a deal as it seems at first glance considering that it comes with a rent-stabilized tenant in place. However, if you are in the (sleazy) business of buying "investment" apartments and waiting for their occupants to die, then, really, how long is it going to be before this person's terrifying doll collection comes alive and exacts its revenge? Probably not long, right? The dolls are looking restless, particularly the one in the box labelled "Satin Skin." According to Gothamist, the apartment's "aesthetic is somewhere between Mommy Dearest and John Wayne Gacy."

· Listing: 243 W 98th Street #7A [Bond]
· $1.2 Million UWS Apartment Features Clowns, Dolls, All The Nightmares [Gothamist]