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Tribeca Group Invites Dissent With Historic District Expansion

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A group of Tribeca preservationists has broadened its mission: instead of just working to landmark a 1830s Federal-style house on Walker Street, it wants to redraw the boundaries of the Tribeca North Historic District—and make it larger. Tribeca Trust tells Broadsheet Daily [no link available yet] that the existing boundaries of the district, above, leave out some 30 buildings that could be worth preserving formally. As the Trust's founder told Broadsheet: "'Some are the work of distinguished architects or sites of historically important events.' Others... 'are former stables and carriage houses that later became garages, and have more recently been repurposed into restaurants and shops, which have become part of the fabric of the neighborhood. Even if the architecture is undistinguished, there is an argument to be made for saving that fabric, instead of replacing it with the largest possible buildings on every possible site.'"

The borders of the neighborhood itself have long been debated; in this case, the Trust aims to expand the borders in the west, north, and east directions. In the map above, check out the drawn pink line, and note the increased size from the current historic district, outlined in blue.

The next step is trying to get a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing. Of course, the Trust is already anticipating opposition, especially from developers like Related and Aby Rosen's RFR Realty, which own buildings in the pink-outlined area.
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