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Developers Wish They Could Build More in Crown Heights

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Crown Heights is one of the fastest — if not the fastest — gentrifying neighborhoods in New York City, and the building of condos and rentals there can be a very profitable endeavor. (Just ask anyone named Boaz Gilad.) There are dozens of residential projects in the works, and even the Times has taken notice, dedicating an entire article to the up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood, sacrificing space that they could have used writing about people in Williamsburg who wear hats. In short, Crown Heights is going to be very crowded, and very pricy, very soon, which explains why developers are now complaining that there are parts of the neighborhood they're not allowed to residentially develop. A WNYC article focuses on the area east of the Barclays Center, which is zoned for industrial use and features mostly one-story warehouses, garages, and the like. This, according to development types, is a real shame because people would totally pay a lot of money to live there, and God forbid a single corner of Crown Heights doesn't look like this.
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