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Buy This Early 1900's Astor Row House As-Is For $1.7M Cash

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Nothing fishy about this for-sale house on Astor Row in Harlem. Nope, nothin' to see here folks, move along (or inquire, if you dare.) This three-story home with six bedrooms and an additional garden-level apartment at 16 West 130th Street is for sale in a $1.7 million bank-offered, all cash deal. Things get weirder. As per the listing,

The Seller makes no representations and can provide no warranties or guaranties. The property is sold "as-is" and buyers are advised to make all efforts to conduct their due-diligence ahead of submitting an offer proposal. Oh, and the early 1900's home is in need of a full rehab and renovation, but apparently its potential is "enormous." It sure is charming, but only when looked at with an inattentive eye.

The home came to market in September 2013 for $929,000. Apparently the answer to getting it to sell this go-around is jacking the price up to nearly double the ask. A curious situation all around.
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