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Nine-Story Building May Overtake Squat Bleecker Street Corner

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When news broke that two long-time occupants of the building on the northwest corner of Bleecker and Lafayette streets would be leaving their posts by August, curious onlookers were eager to learn what was happening on the site. There was no news about that—until now. New renderings and information (h/t tipster) reveal that a new nine-story building may rise on the lot. While no permits have been filed with the DOB, written plans for the building include ground floor retail with eight additional residential stories. The building that may rise in the Noho Historic District plans to maintain the exiting single-story building's terra cotta cornice while growing up, and modernly so, around it. Meltzer/Mandl Architects are behind the building's design. While the renderings may no longer be current, they do prove that someone's got big plans for 59 Bleecker Street.

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