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Dated Park Avenue Pad With Too Much Wallpaper Wants $18M

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The fourth floor of the co-op building at 860 Park Avenue just hit the market for $18 million, and boy, is it a doozy. The brokerbabble generously says it's decorated in the "Renaissance style," which translates to horrid floral wallpaper, some seriously questionable carpeting and marble choices, and a master bathroom with a jacuzzi (they were all the rage during the Renaissance, don't cha know?) and a mirrored ceiling. The 10-room home also has a "luxurious corner living room with architecturally paneled wood details" with "a Louis XVI mantle over the wood burning fireplace," and a dining room with "ornate stenciled patterned wood floors, plaster molding, and gilded fixtures from Sherle Wagner." One of the photos also shows what appears to be a trompe l'oeil painting in one of the hallways.

According to public records, the unit is owned by socialite Denise Wohl, who may or not still be the wife of Larry Wohl, a real estate developer. Several rumormongering articles on the internet say that the couple may have gotten a divorce, but stories about their daughter acting like a crazy person make it seem like they are still together. That said, public records seem to show that Denise paid Larry $4.75 million for complete ownership of the apartment in February.

It's also interesting to note that this place is being marketed by Voda Bauer, a brokerage founded by Jason Bauer, the guy who founded the kind-of-failing-almost-filed-for-bankruptcy Crumbs Bakeshop. The firm might want to update the "Management Team" section, which says Crumbs is "a definitive force in the ever-growing gourmet cupcake and baked goods industry."
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