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Proposed Carroll Gardens Homeless Shelter Plagued by Issues

Residents of Carroll Gardens never wanted the 10-unit Robert Scarano-designed building at 165 West 9th Street to be used as a homeless shelter for 170 men, and it seems that they got what they hoped for. Brownstoner spotted a vacate order on the site from eight months ago and discovered that the building is plagued by Department of Building violations—there are currently 18 open violations. It appears that, among other things, kitchens were removed without proper permits, and at one point, the FDNY found that the building was emitting high levels of carbon monoxide.

The opposition group Coalition for Carroll Gardens filed a lawsuit against the proposed shelter last year, and it's still floating around, but for the time being, it doesn't look like a homeless shelter—or anything else—will be occupying the building soon. Before any further work can happen at the site, the owner needs to pay more than $12,000 in fines and correct all pending violations, which begs the question: is an abandoned building better than a shelter?
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165 West 9th Street

165 West 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231