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$3.9M Chinatown Penthouse Has a Rooftop Watchtower

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Look, up in the sky! Is that a fire lookout tower? The rooftop lair of some supervillain? An NYPD hideout? Nope, just the "catwalk and viewing platform" of the penthouse at 18 Orchard Street near Canal in Chinatown. The platform looks more like a spaceship docking station than a Manhattan terrace, but hey, it offers "a transcendent view of the sunset and cityscape" and is attached to 1,300 square feet of terraces. Inside, the 3BR/2BA duplex unit looks normal, even nice, with dark hardwood floors, large windows, and recently renovated kitchen. Sadly, there's no floorplan to show how that giant crow's nest connects to interior. The asking price is $3.9 million.

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