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Landlord Investigated for Forcing Out Rent-Stabilized Tenants

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One of Manhattan's least beloved landlords, Steven Croman, is under investigation for using illegal tactics to force rent-stabilized tenants out of his properties, the Daily News reports. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched the investigation following complaints about the behavior of Croman's company, Steven Croman Realty (alternately called 9300 Realty) that have been surfacing for, oh, a couple decades or so. Croman, who owns around 100 properties throughout Manhattan, has made repeat appearances on the Village Voice's Worst Landlords List, his first in 1998. The accusations leveled against him by tenants are far too numerous to list, but they often include frivolous lawsuits, ignored or botched repairs, harassing phone calls, illegal entry into tenants' apartments, intentionally disruptive construction, and the list goes on. Croman Realty has a tenant-organized website dedicated to shedding light its unscrupulous practices, as well as two defunct versions, and a Yelp page with 18 one-star reviews (out of 19 total). Last week, one of Croman's employees, ex-NYPD officer Anthony Falconite, was hit with a cease and desist order for harassing and intimidating tenants.

This has been your regular reminder that landlords of rent-stabilized buildings are good.
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