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4-Story Building to Sprout On Triangular Crown Heights Lot

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A tiny slice of vacant land on Washington Avenue in Crown Heights will soon be home to a four-story, two-unit apartment building. The weirdly-shaped, 1,000-square-foot lot, which is wedged between two apartment buildings and abuts the Franklin Avenue shuttle tracks, sold for $330,000 this spring. Five years ago, notes DNAinfo, the lot traded for just $77,000, and now it's once again being marketed—for $2.5 million. Construction is underway on the new building, and marketing renderings, which leave out all of the surrounding buildings, show a brick structure with Juliet balconies and a long, triangular terrace on the second floor.

The lot sits between Sullivan Place and Montgomery Street, across Washington Avenue from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Architect Sandor Weiss (the same guy who wants to double the height of a building on Eastern Parkway) first filed plans for the new building in 2012, but the Department of Buildings did not approve permits until last November. The ground floor of 995 Washington will hold a commercial office space, and two duplex apartments will occupy the higher floors.

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