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Greenpoint Gets Donskoy Building With 7 Angular Apartments

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Barred-chitect Robert Scarano has a disciple, and her name is Nataliya Donskoy. Her name has also been attached to decidedly bizarre-looking renderings for buildings all over Brooklyn... and here's another one to add to the list. Near the intersection with Manhattan Avenue, the metal bones of an angular apartment building are rising at 173 Green Street. Brownstoner calls it "strangely shaped," which is a nice word for the four-story, seven, unit structure, which is geometrically quite weird. While the rendering posted on the construction fencing makes it look like there are going to be regular old boxy enclosed balconies that jut out into the street, the photo above makes it look a lot more Cubist than that. Aggressively Cubist.
· Strangely Shaped Building Going up at 173 Green Street in Greenpoint ['Stoner]