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No, There Won't Be a Giant Penis Building in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg residents may have recently noticed an ad for a new building called Eros, which happens to look a whole lot like a giant penis and testicles (tagline: "insert yourself into exquisite luxury"), painted on a wall on Wythe Avenue near North 10th Street. But they have no reason to fear (or celebrate) as the phallic building will never come to fruition — it's actually a bit of guerilla marketing from a mural painting company called Colossal Media. The ad is aimed at attracting new employees from the artsy Williamsburg and Bushwick crowd. An executive at the company explained, "It's to generate goodwill and to say, 'We understand who you are and what you might think is funny.'" You know, like dick jokes. These guys get it.
· Fake Ad for Phallic Luxury Building 'Eros' Meant to Recruit Painters [DNAinfo]