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Country Cottage-Style House in Bay Ridge Asks $2.5 Million

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If you can't afford the Gingerbread House, here's another option in Bay Ridge. This lovely Victorian looks like it would be more at home somewhere upstate than in Brooklyn, but either way, it's very nice. Asking $2.5 million, the house comes with "leaded glass windows, original lattice woodwork and a beautiful wood burning fireplace," not to mention the "three large bay windows and the country kitchen has been updated with the original cabinetry still intact." And a two-car garage and wraparound porch. The house has, according to the listing, been in the same family for over 60 years.

To forestall confusion, there's another listing for a similarly sized house at the same address, priced $1 million lower, that went up a couple weeks ago. However, that listing appears to have been mislabeled, as the address, visible in one of the photos is no. 261, not 221.

· Listing: 221 77th Street [Corcoran]
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