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Big Reveal: $1.495M for a Williamsburg Garden Duplex

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"At least that they aren't calling this a 3 bedroom which happens in the case of a lot of these underground rec rooms when they go on the market," said commenter Die Fledermaus of yesterday's Pricespotter, a two-bedroom garden duplex just east of the BQE. Well, bad news on that front: they actually are calling it a three-bedroom, and asking $1.495 million. Die Fledermaus came pretty close with his/her guess of $1.4 million, but this week's winner is FalseAralia, who guessed $1.5 million. Almost everyone was pretty close this week despite (or perhaps because of) a general disapproval of the apartment itself.

· Listing: 317 South 4th Street #1 [Corcoran]
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